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A Symbol Of Beauty

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Well-groomed hair has always been a symbol of beauty. Like the skin, the condition of the hair reflects a person´s health and vitality.

Many people say: one can do nothing against less or thinning hair and just give it up.

That doesn´t have to be, because now there is a groundbreaking development to promote hair growth and increase hair vitality.

The BYAS HAIR COMPLETER is the world‘s first patented Professional Home Beauty Hi-Tech hair care device.
Like in mesotherapy, the same active ingredient cocktail that extends the anagenic growth phase of the hair follicles is delivered into the deeper layers of the scalp.
But with the HAIR COMPLETER this works in a completely gentle, skin-friendly yet highly effective way.

World's First

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As we age, various external and internal factors affect the health of our hair follicles so that the length of the anagen phase decreases. This causes our hair to become weaker and thinner after each growth cycle!

How to solve the situation?
Some thing you might not know...TRADITIONAL SOLUTIONS DON'T REALLY WORK!

THERE IS A BETTER SOLUTION: Ionto-Sonic Hair Care Technology

Some thing you might not know...

• Without technology, active ingredients cannot get through the scalp´s surface
• The HAIR COMPLETER´s IONTO-SONIC HAIR CARE TECHNOLOGY uses one of the fundamental principles of magnetism: the same polarities repel each other
• The “driving force” (positive iontophoresis) ensures the likewise positively ionized molecules of the special BYAS hair care serums are “pushed” into the deeper
layer´s of the scalp
• In there, the molecules unfold their sustainable hair-thickening and revitalizing effect


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Do you want to have:

• more hair?
• fuller hair?
• longer hair?
• healthier hair?
• thicker hair?
• stronger hair?
• shinier hair?
• less brittle hair?


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About me

My name is Sven Saksakulm, I am a independent BYAS partner from Finland.
I see great potential and opportunity in the World for the BYAS and I would like to share it with others.

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